5 Ways to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

For many Filipinos who are hoping to build a better life and a future for their families, working abroad may seem like their only way to achieve this.

However, the process to find work overseas may not be as easy as one would think. In fact, many people had to shell out a lot of money, and going into debt just to get a job overseas. Also, a lot of foreign employers are also considering work experience, which many Filipinos do not have. So, you see – finding work abroad is not an easy thing. But even if you don’t have the funds or the experience just yet, there are ways for you to find a job overseas.

5 Ways to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

5 Ways to Increase your Chances of Getting Work Overseas

In this post, we will discuss some helpful pointers on how to boost your chances of getting hired for a job abroad even if you don’t have a lot of money or experience yet…

  1. Undergo Training and Certifications.

Even after you’ve finished your schooling or passed licensure exams, always remember to make room for new learning. As industries follow certain trends and economic activities, job openings will also move in this direction. Research what the “on-demand” and future job demands are in the country that you would like to work in, and get relevant training or certification for those jobs or industries. The good thing with this is that in the Philippines we have the TESDA, which is being offered both in-class and online. After you’ve completed your course, be sure to apply for certification so that you can use this when looking for work overseas.

5 Ways to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

  1. Pick up Important Life and People Skills.

Anywhere you go, you will always have to communicate. Given this simple fact of life, it’s important that you work on your communication skills (in English) or pick up a new language to get that advantage when working overseas, especially in countries where not many understand English as this will be your advantage.


  1. Be Willing to Take on Any Jobs First.

Sometimes, the qualifications and educational background that we have do not land their corresponding job roles and titles. This is especially true when working abroad because the demand for certain jobs may be higher than we expected, and so when such an opportunity comes, we need to be adaptable or willing enough to take on other jobs – even if it means lower pay (sometimes) and are unrelated to our background.

In fact, many managers and high-ranking employees in the Philippines start as janitors, caregivers, service crew, and other blue-collared jobs abroad. While their pay may be smaller than what they receive back in the Philippines, finding jobs in those areas can be easier. And even if their earnings might not be that big abroad, this would certainly be of great help to their families back in the Philippines, especially when the exchange rate is good.

5 Ways to Boost your Chances of getting Hired Abroad

  1. Get into Volunteer Work.

Volunteering should not be frowned upon because even if we don’t get paid for this type of work, the experiences and learnings can be considered as useful training for real-life jobs.

Also, some employers look into this aspect of an applicant’s background because volunteering work teaches us to become more determined, resourceful, better managers, and it also exposes us to different kinds of people from all walks of life, which is especially important in certain industries such as in the health and service industries.


  1. Take Advantage of your Social Networks.

With the help of technology, it’s now very easy to connect to other people wherever they may be in the world. This emphasizes the need for good communication skills because, through these avenues, we can find opportunities for work abroad. Employers nowadays find it much easier to connect with digitally connected job seekers. Be sure to maximize this, but also be wary of fake job offers and scams.


Getting a job abroad may be a goal for many Filipinos, but the journey to get there will be an important aspect of our life as an OFW, as well. So, before you decide to look for work overseas, be sure to apply all the above tips listed for your success. Good luck!

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