3 Reasons Why Pinoys to Work in Malaysia

Every day, a member of one’s family flies to another country to work, and seek greener pastures. This scenario has been very visible in international airports in the Philippines. Filipinos are leaving the Philippines to work and serve a foreign land. This has been going on for the past years to address the greatest problem of unemployment and underemployment in the country. While others seek to land their American dream, many opt to work at Southeast Asian neighboring countries including Malaysia.



Malaysia is more or less like the Philippines. However, many Filipinos are encouraged to go to Malaysia and work there instead. Why? Each has his own reason for choosing this country. Filipinos working in Malaysia are engineers, cashiers, hotel and restaurant crew, factory workers, and commonly domestic helpers. Below are the common reasons why OFWs want to work in this spot:

Common Reasons to Work in Malaysia

1. Malaysia is near home.

Malaysia attracts workers from the Philippines due to its location. You can just ride a plane and in 4 hours time, you’re already there. You are just like traveling to any province within the Philippines. In fact, some enter Malaysia illegally through Sabah with just a boat ride. However, the Philippine government is constantly reminding everyone to enter the country through legal ways by acquiring work permit and visa. Otherwise, the government would have a hard time helping the Filipinos who illegally entered without proper documents. Think twice before accepting a job offer. Validate the authenticity of the recruitment agency and ask for your employment contract. Read and understand it very well.

2. Salary is higher.

When it comes to salary, Malaysia offers higher compensation compared to the Philippines. This is one main reason why Filipino domestic helpers are growing in numbers. The minimum salary a domestic helper earns is at US$400. In Malaysia, Filipino domestic helpers are paid the highest compared to other nationalities (Indonesia, Nepal, India, etc).There is a high demand for Filipino household helpers in Malaysia because she is able to speak English and well-trained in household chores. Not to mention, Filipinos are hardworking too.

3. Job opportunities in the Philippines seem scarce.

People working in the corporate world often leave the Philippines to seek a better paying job equipped with an opportunity to grow. In the current situation, even graduates find it hard to land a job related to the degrees they finished. If there is, either salary is too low or job positions are only limited. This is why most young result to seeking opportunities abroad. Not only can they use what they’ve learned in school, they also get to be paid worthily.

OFWs all over the world are called the modern heroes. It takes courage to leave your family to seek a brighter future for their needs. Yet, many OFWs are experiencing exploitation, sexual abuse and human trafficking, especially in Malaysia. Applicants are promised of hotel jobs, but when they arrive, they will be forced to work in bars leading to prostitution. The Philippine government needs to protect the OFWs since they deserve to be treated well in other countries.

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