5 Attractions in Cameron Highlands

In the country Malaysia, there is a place that has the same size of Singapore ,which occupies for around 712 square kilometers of land. The place is called Cameron Highlands which was discovered by Sir William Cameron on 1885. Cameron Highlands is like the Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka and Baguio in the Philippines. Cameron Highlands is one of the famous vacation places for friends and family.

The highlands present a plethora of activities and adventures that will blow your mind.

Cameron Highlands

1. The Mossy Forest

The forest is one of the reasons why people come and venture into Cameron Highlands. It is located in the ridge of the highest mountain in Cameron Highlands named Mount Brinchang. You can seek out the captivating sunrise and sunset in the place. Get your cameras ready! You can explore the forest at night and witness the stars twinkling and the Milky Way up above. If you wish to discover more, there is an available tour guides organized by different operators. They will take you to the forest using the 400 meter long wooden walkway which was built just for the visitors. Have fun!

2. Tea Plantations

Your trip to Cameron Highlands will never be complete without visiting the tea plantations. You can visit the factories and learn on the procedure of making a tea. You can also just enjoy your cup of tea in a cafe. The view that will greet you is such a beautiful and picturesque one. There are 3 plantations you can visit. These are the Boh Tea Plantations, Sungai Palas Tea Estate and the Cameron Valley Tea Plantation, or also known as Bharat Tea Plantation.

3. Strawberry Farm

The Cameron Highlands has the perfect climate that will produce excellent strawberries thus, encouraging farmers to plant more. The strawberry production is a major business here. In fact, some hotels are named after strawberries, and the popular souvenir is of course, strawberry. Food is also connected with the strawberry. Many farms offer tourists to hand pick the strawberries during the harvest season.

4. Lavender Garden

This newly open attraction will call out visitors. Dozens of different types of flowers are arranged in a manner. The dazzling colors will engage your eyes and it will make you admire the beauty of the flowers. The lavender is not as plenty like the others, but it can be seen in the center of the park. You can buy a souvenir at the gift shop where they sell various lavender products.

5. Honey Bee Farms

If there are flowers, then, there are bees. Cameron Highlands is the largest producer of flowers in the whole Southeast Asia. There are farms where honey bees create honey and jelly. These are collected and stored, so that the people can sell them out in the local markets. The bee farms are open to visitors who wish to buy the products or try some food at the in-house cafe.

Actually, there are many more attractions in Cameron Highlands. All you need is to do some exploring and while you’re at it, enjoy and live the moment.

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