Taman Negara National Park

Want to experience the collective green nature in the world we are currently in? Travel to Malaysia and head on to Taman Negara. So, what’s here? Read on and find out.

Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara was formerly named as King George V National Park. Today, the park is known as just Taman Negara, which means “national park”. It is considered the world’s oldest rainforest at 130 million years. You could just imagine how the place was preserved by the Malaysians. They take pride in ecotourism showing the world that Malaysia is truly Asia.

1. Secure permit.

The national park has designated officials to assist visitors who want to access the whole 4,343 square meters of Taman Negara. Do you think you can walk all around the area the whole day under the scorching heat of the sun? Yes, only if you’re determined to do so. Don’t forget to get the free maps. It’d definitely help you.

2. Walk, trek, walk, trek.

Because the area is too wide, you need to walk or trek your way to the different activities you would want. It is always better to prioritize which stretch you want because you just might get too tired to do the rest of the activities. Ask the park staff for some advice. Jungle trek would definitely be awesome.

3. Teresek Hill.

Are you still energized? If you are, climb Bukit Teresek Hill (334 meters high). The trail is described as easy to moderate, so first timers need not worry. At the top, you will be greeted by cool wind and stunning panoramic view of the park.

3. The canopy walkway.

What’s so exciting about this? Well, this enables you to walk to a hanging bridge at a high level. This section gives you the best view for the wonderful birds on the trees or those freely flying around.

4. Night safari.

Taman Negara is one of the few parks that allow visitors at night. Take note, this big idea only lasts for an hour, so be quick to join others and appropriately ask for an official guide. Enjoy viewing the nocturnal animals wandering peacefully.

5. Spelunking.

Head on to Gua Telinga and get ready to immerse with the bats. This small cave houses hundreds of bats so, be ready to greet them nicely. It’s pretty dark inside so, ensure that your guide would lead you there perfectly. Watch out for your head as bats may poop on it! Nonetheless, expect to get really dirty upon visiting the cave.

6. Orang Asli villages

Reach the village through a motorized boat ride and feel the rapid waters deeply. The Orang Asli villagers are members of the Batek tribe. They are considered nomads and solely rely on natural resources for their daily needs. Additionally, the village became a tourist destination. Here, they will show you how to make fire, tend the animals, and other basic survival essentials. Why not? It’d be fun!

Once in a while, we need to see catch a glimpse of how wonderful nature is. Malaysia’s Taman Negara boasts its well-preserved rainforest and renowned national park until today.

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