PhilHealth for OFWs: What You Need to Know

Did you know that PhilHealth OFW-members and beneficiaries based overseas can still claim benefits while abroad? Registered OFW and overseas based-Filipinos may claim benefits within 180 days from the date of their discharge from hospital.

In order to do so, applicants must present the needed requirements posted by PhilHealth. In this post, we will share the basic information on how to become a PhilHealth member even if you are based overseas; how to check and update member data record, as well as some guidelines related to paying member contributions.

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Here’s what OFW-Members Need to Know About their PhilHealth Membership

There are several benefits and advantages for PhilHealth OFW-members, which are as follows:

  1. Overseas Filipinos may avail themselves of PhilHealth benefits for hospital confinements and out-patient surgeries in the Philippines.
  2. Confinements of overseas Filipinos (OFs) abroad may be.
  3. Qualified dependents of members are entitled to the same set of benefits as the principal members.
  4. Overseas Filipinos may be entitled to lifetime membership.
  5. Availment for both the overseas Filipino and qualified dependents is easy and readily accessible.
  6. PhilHealth covers around 4,600 medical and surgical procedures including cancer cases and other dreaded diseases.

How to Register for PhilHealth Membership

For those who are based abroad, you may perform ANY of the following procedures:

  1. Visit any branch of the PhilHealth accredited collecting partners iRemit and Ventaja Corporation, and request for assistance on how to register an account.
  2. Access the Electronic Registration Facility and follow the step-by-step procedure indicated, OR
  3. Download a copy of the PhilHealth Member Registration Form, fill it out and e-mail to

How to Check PhilHealth Member Data Record

After you have successfully registered in the PhilHealth Membership system, you can verify your membership record and update your member profile by clicking on the Member Inquiry icon under the Online Services section or right under the Membership section as shown below. Follow the log-in procedures and check the accuracy of your member data.

PhilHealth for OFWs: What You Need to Know
Screengrab of the Philhealth Website

How to Update Your Member Data Record (MDR)

After reviewing your member profile, you may request to change some of the information on the system by doing the following steps:

  1. Download the PhilHealth Member Registration Form.
  2. Tick the box which indicates ‘For Updating’ on the upper right corner of the form.
  3. Supply the necessary revisions in the form.
  4. E-mail the form via
  5. Wait for PhilHealth to email you  a copy of your updated Member Data Record

How to File a Claim for Overseas Confinements

As a PhilHealth OFW member, you are entitled to receive financial assistance from the agency by submitting the following relevant documents either through overseas courier or electronic mail to the PhilHealth Regional Office or Local Health Insurance Office nearest the OF’s Philippine address within 180 calendar days from the date of discharge:

  1. Medical abstract or medical record written in English or copy of Medical Certificate indicating the final diagnosis, confinement period, and medical services provided;
  2. A copy of the operative record written in English, if surgery was performed;
  3. Statement of Account
  4. Official Receipt issued by the hospital and the physician.

On the other hand, if an Overseas Filipino member or their qualified dependent is confined in the Philippines, a duly filled-out PhilHealth Claim Form 1 must be submitted to the Billing Section of the accredited hospital before being discharged.

And finally, in order for overseas-based Filipinos to avail all the above PhilHealth benefits, you need to regularly pay your premium payments through any of the PhilHealth-accredited collecting agents and tie-ups abroad.

Similarly, payments may also be made at any Philhealth-accredited collecting partners in the Philippines or through the PhilHealth Counter at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

For those working overseas, getting Philhealth membership may not burden your finances as much as those working in the Philippines, but it’s a great way to secure yourself as well as your family in the event that sickness or an accident strikes wherever you may be in the world.

To get more updates on the latest from Philhealth, you can visit their official website to check out their services.

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