5 Interesting Facts about the Petronas Towers

When you hear Malaysia, the Petronas Towers would be the first landmark to pop in your mind. It’s a the most popular structure and there’s something about it that makes it stand out. It’s a must-visit especially when

Before your trip, how about some interesting facts about the Petronas Towers?

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1. The tallest twin towers in the world.

If there’s one particular spot Malaysia is truly proud of, that would precisely be the Petronas Towers. Otherwise known as Petronas Twin Towers, it was named as the world’s tallest buildings from 1998 to 2004. It stands firmly at 1483 feet, with 88 floors in totality. Taipei 101 took over the title, standing 20 feet taller. However, Petronas Towers still remain as the world’s tallest twin towers.

2. Touch of Islamic art.

The glass facade of the building generally depicts Islamic features to bring honor to Malaysia’s religion, Islam. Moreover, the cross portion of the twin towers have Rub el Hizb influence although some additions were made for office space needs. The Rub el Hizb are two overlapping squares, a Muslim symbol which is mostly found in Arab flags. This shows how Malaysians regard their religion significantly.

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3. Tower 1 and Tower 2 construction.

The Malaysian government gave an assignment for building tower 1 to a Japanese firm named Hazama Corporation. On the other hand, the tower 2 was completed by South Korean company Samsung C&T Corporation. These two renowned companies made a really good job which brought pride to its respective countries but most importantly, to Malaysia. The Malaysia skyscraper is one of the best in the world simply because of the towers and its surrounding buildings. Definitely incredible!

4. Skybridge.

Connecting the two towers, the Skybridge perfectly adds beauty to the Petronas Towers at its 41st and 42nd floors. The skybridge is accessible to all visitors however, only 1000 persons are allowed in a day. Moreover, it can only be availed via first come, first serve basis. Before it was free to all albeit it was only in 2010 that tickets were sold to the people. Isn’t it wonderful to walk along the skybridge?

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5. Tenants.

Tower 1 is mainly occupied by the Petronas Group while tower 2 comprises various companies such as Huawei Technologies, IBM, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Reuters and more. These top-notched companies are renting office spaces available in tower 2. Petronas, an international oil firm, is one of Malaysia’s top companies.

When traveling to Malaysia, Petronas Towers should be on top your list. Day or night, the towers truly looks amazing as it mesmerize every visitor of the country. Since the towers have gained popularity, it became the top tourist spot in Malaysia. To this day, Malaysia is making name in the tourism industry.

Are your feet itching to step on Malaysian grounds? Are you excited to see how the country looks? Do you feel the thrill of traveling to a foreign land for the first time? Malaysia is religiously promoting its top destinations to tourists to boost its tourism industry. Over the years, Malaysia has greatly improved in different aspects for the betterment of the country.

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