4 Activities around Pulau Tioman

alaysia is an Asian archipelago blessed with a lot of beautiful islands. One of them is the Pulau Tioman, which is a tiny island situated just 32 kilometers off the east coast of Pahang. It is 12 kilometers wide and 20 kilometers long. There are eight main villages in the area. What’s interesting about this island is that during the 1970s, the TIME Magazine has included Tioman in their list of world’s most beautiful islands. Plus, the beaches there were featured in many films.

Pulau Tioman has been used by traders and fishermen throughout the world. It serves as a navigation point and a source for water and wood. Since it was used by different traders like Chinese, European, and Arab as a port, there are porcelain shards that can be found around the beach. The island has also witnessed the harsh World War II, and there are war remains littered all over the island. The good thing is that the management does not allow more than 3 stories building to be built.

Being set in beautiful islands, there are actually loads of activities that you can do at the same time enjoy. You can actually choose from a wide variety of escapades.

1. Round Island Tour

Since Pulau Tioman is an island, there are no roads available and the only way to hop from one place to another is by means of boat. Many resorts are offering special packages where you can see the beauty and the highlights of Tioman. It takes up 1 day round island tour. And by this, you can also see the waterfalls, jungle, twin peaks, main village and many more. The island has so many great views that you can explore. Really beautiful!

2. Scuba Diving

The rich marine life of the Tioman Island makes it one of the popular diving spot in Malaysia. There are many operators that will offer you a good deal of using the boat and the shore dives. There will also be instruction and certification. There are 20 diving spots around the island that offer you an experience you can never forget. There are some spots where you can come across with dolphins. You must also follow and obey the different rules and regulations of being a diver.

3. Snorkelling

The crystal clear water of the island will make you want to take a dip and indulge in endless swimming. It is somehow hard to leave Pulau Tioman without trying to do some snorkelling. The island is rich with bountiful coral reefs that you will certainly enjoy. You can rent the equipment like the mask and the fins in any villages. There are four popular snorkeling destinations. These are Tulai Island or the Coral Island, Renggis Island, Monkey Bay and the Marine Park. Guaranteed, these are really awesome!

4. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing has been one of the more popular activities for the visitors in this destination since 2002. Climb up the top of the twin peaks for five days. There are only few people that can accomplish this task within the numbered days. You can sleep in the hammocks and enjoy the view that the island has to offer. The twin peaks is a popular site for international competitions and world’s breaking event.

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