How to Apply POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia

Obtaining an OEC is now lot easier than it was previously, owing to the POEA Balik Manggagawa Online System. To give you some context, a seemingly wonderful trip back home in the Philippines might quickly turn into a nightmare and a big source of worry when faced with interminable waits essentially depleting your time in the nation simply to acquire an OEC. Was it worthwhile? Unfortunately, we all know the answer to this too well.

However, since the number of OFWs continues to climb, the POEA has developed (and at a good time) an online system to give a more accessible way for vacationing Filipinos to obtain their OEC while in the nation. If you want to learn more about how this works, be sure to read until the end of this guide.


Guide on How to Obtain an OEC via Balik Manggagawa (BM) Online from Malaysia

How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia

This article will outline all you need to know about your OEC, the Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System (BM Online), the application procedure, and a few frequently asked questions regarding this service.

What is Balik Manggagawa Online – BM Online Processing System?

An OEC, or overseas employment certificate, is required by the POEA for all outgoing OFWs, whether new hires or balik-manggagawa (returning OFWs). This will function as your exit clearance to return to your host nation. This will also serve as proof of payment exemption for the airport terminal charge and travel tax.

The Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System (BM Online) is a website where OFWs may schedule an appointment to obtain an OEC. This is also how they will know if they are eligible for an OEC exemption. Thanks to this digital solution, OFWs no longer have to wait in huge lines at government offices. Furthermore, this procedure allows OFWs to apply for an OEC appointment at any time.

You may also be wondering why you need to register for an OEC through BM Online. If you’re a first-time OFW, you have a lot to be thankful for because this online platform has saved you from spending lengthy hours at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) before your departure waiting for your turn to be issued an OEC. Consider how tense this situation may be: you’re waiting for your flight, but you still need to go someplace to collect important paperwork for your trip. Of course, nobody would want that!

With this online platform, obtaining an OEC should not be a headache or a source of worry, wasting important time that you should be using to spend time with family and loved ones – if not just to relax.

Eligibility / Qualifications

As mentioned earlier, all OFWs, whether exempted or not, must register using this website. This is especially helpful for individuals returning to the nation for vacation or other reasons. Based on the information in the system, the POEA can use this platform to decide who is exempt from receiving an OEC.

Balik Manggagawa Requirements for OFWs

To obtain an OEC via the BM Online platform, you need to have the following documents on hand:

  1. Your passport with at least six (6) months validity from departure date.
  2. Valid work visa, work permit, or any equivalent document
  3. A verified employment contract or offer of employment
  4. Printed Balik-Manggagawa Information Sheet

How to Download Balik Manggagawa Form

Applying through the Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System relieves a lot of load on your shoulders. It frees up valuable time to concentrate on other vital things before you depart for work overseas again.

How To Register at the Balik Manggagawa Online (5 Steps)

1. Go to the Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System Page by typing at the search bar or clicking this link.

2. Under the ‘New User’ field, input the personal information required (e.g.,  name, birth date, gender, e-mail, and so on)

Screengrab taken from the BM Online website

3. Click “I Accept the Terms of Service” after reading it. Once done, click ‘Accept’ if you agree to everything outlined in the terms of service.

4. Next, click ‘Sign Me Up’

5. A confirmation message will be sent to your registered e-mail. Check your inbox to click this link to activate your account. The details provided can now be used as your log-in credentials.

How To Apply For An OEC via BM Online

So, after registering as a new user on the BM Online platform, the next step is to see if you may apply for an OEC or if it is no longer required. The information on the system will determine this, specifying your status, hence, the necessity for an OEC or otherwise.

Step 1: Visit the Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System Page by typing or clicking this link.

Step 2: Input your log-in credentials. This refers to the e-mail address and password you used during registration.

How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from the BM Online website

Step 3: Input the details (OEC number) of the last OEC issued to you, then click Submit.

If the details you entered have been recognized in the system, and if you will return to your previous employer, your employer details and job site will pop up on the screen, click “Yes” to proceed. Otherwise, click “No” if you have a new employer or job site. And if you do not have this information, click on the link which allows you to set an appointment.

Step 4: Complete your profile.

You will be required to provide your personal data, contract details, and legal beneficiaries or qualified dependents, where applicable – this can be more than one.

After filling out all these fields, do not forget to click ‘Save Changes’. If you need to change or correct any information provided, click ‘Edit’.

How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from the BM Online website

Step 5: Upload a profile photo.

Step 6: Review the details of your profile.

Step 7: Click “Acquire an OEC Exemption”

Step 8: Input your expected flight schedule.

How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from the BM Online website


  • Make sure your passport and visa are both valid for your next travel.
  • The flight schedule you will provide must be within 60 days from getting your OEC.
  • OEC Exemption can only be availed for a single exit only.

Step 9: You will again be asked if you will return to the same employer/job site, answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to book an appointment.

The following steps will depend on the information you have provided on the system.


  1. Select the link that says, ‘Acquire OEC’.
  2. Select the payment option that applies to you (banks [over the counter/online], mobile (GCash), or non-banks)
  3. Settle the fee.
  4. After you have paid the fees, head back to the BM Online homepage by typing: or clicking this link.
  5. Select Transactions to view your OEC.
  6. Click ‘Print Receipt’ to print your OEC.
How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from POEA YouTube Instructional Video


The system will assess your profile to determine if you qualify for an OEC exemption. If you qualify for this, you will receive a message notifying you that you are exempted from getting an OEC/paying the processing fee.

How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from the POEA website


Step 1: Choose the location for your appointment.

Step 2: Pick the slot for the schedule and time that you prefer.

You may pick any to your liking, as long as it’s still vacant on the page. Once you’ve picked a timeslot, click ‘Set Appointment’.

How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from the BM Online website


Step 3: Review the Balik Manggagawa Information Sheet.

Making sure that everything is correct, then click ‘Print the Appointment’.


How to Get POEA Balik Manggagawa OEC Online for OFWs in Malaysia
Screengrab taken from the BM Online website

Step 4: Visit the selected POEA branch on the appointed date and time.

Bring the following documents on your appointment as per the POEA BM Online e-mail:

  • Balik Manggagawa Information sheet
  • Original and photocopy of passport
  • Original and photocopy of valid visa or work permit
  • Original and photocopy of the contract

Note: Your contract must be verified by POLO or the Philippine Embassy for changes in employer, undocumented workers, and HSW.

POEA Branches in the Philippines

Here are the POEA branches you can choose to set an appointment with, depending on what is most convenient for you.

POEA Main Office
EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

POEA Regional Center for Luzon
2nd Floor Kenny Plaza Quezon Ave
City of San Fernando, La Union

POEA Satellite Office – Tuguegarao City
Methodist Church Compound
Bonifacio St., Tuguegarao City

POEA Regional Extension Unit
G/F Gestdan Centrum
80 Bokawkan Road corner Upper P Burgos Baguio City

Satellite Office – Pampanga
3rd Floor, SM City Pampanga
Bgy. San Jose, Gapan- Olongapo Road corner NLEX
San Fernando City Pampanga

Satellite Office – Calamba City
Basement, Andenson Building II
Brgy. Parian Calamba City

Satellite Office – Oriental Mindoro
Unit B Sapphire Building, Roxas Drive cor Kamias St
Brgy Lumangbayan, Calapan City

POEA Office – Palawan
One-Stop Service Center for OFWs
2nd floor, Robinson’s Place, Puerto Princesa North Road
Puerto Princesa City

Satellite Office – Legaspi City
Ground Floor, Unit 102-103, ANST Bldg. Washington Drive
Legaspi City

POEA Regional Center for Visayas
Ground Flr. DOLE Building (old Insular Building)
corner General Maxilom Ave and Gorordo Ave
Cebu City

Regional Extension Unit
3rd Floor, Robinson’s Place – Iloilo
Ledesma corner Mabini Streets, Iloilo City

Satellite Office – Bacolod City
2/F, Gaisano Grand Bacolod City Mall
Araneta St., Singcang, Bacolod City

Satellite Office – Tacloban City
3/F Uytingkoc Building, Senator Enage Street
Tacloban City

POEA Regional Center for Mindanao
2nd Floor, AMQ Building
corner Lakandula St., Dacudao Avenue
Agdao, Davao City

Regional Extension Unit
2nd Floor, Goodwill Center
Canelar, Zamboanga City

Regional Extension Unit
Ground Floor Trinidad Bldg.
Yacapin St., Cagayan de Oro City

Satellite Office – Koronadal City
Ground Floor, Nearby Executive Suites
Zulueta St., Koronadal City

Satellite Office- Butuan City
Door 2, Nimfa Tiu Bldg 7 JP Rosales Avenue
Butuan City

Satellite Office – Tawi-Tawi
Initiative for Tawi Tawi Area Devt. Foundation (ITAD) Bldg.
Old Housing Proj., Tubig Boh, Bongao, Tawi Tawi

Labor Assistance Centers (LAC)

  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila)
  • Mactan International Airport (Cebu)
  • Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao)

Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLO)


  • USA
    • Los Angeles
    • Washington
  • Canada
    • Toronto
    • Vancouver


  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Korea (Seoul)
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
    • Kaohsiung
    • Taichung
    • Taipei
  • Vietnam


  • Cyprus (Nicosia)
  • England (London)
  • Greece (Athens)
  • Italy
  • Milan
  • Rome
  • Spain (Madrid)
  • Switzerland (Geneva)

Middle East

  • Bahrain (Mahooz)
  • Israel (Tel-Aviv)
  • Jordan (Amman)
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon (Baabda)
  • Libya (Tripoli)
  • Oman (Muscat)
  • Qatar (Doha)
  • Saudi Arabia
    • Alkhobar
    • Jeddah
    • Riyadh
    • Unaizah
  • United Arab Emirates
    • Abu Dhabi
    • Dubai
  • Syria (Damascus)

What to Expect (Pre-Departure)

Since your OEC exemption will be different from those of non-exempted OFWs, your pre-departure procedures will be different.

  1. To check-in, proceed directly to the airline counter.
  2. Continue to the Immigration desk.
  3. Present your valid passport as well as your work visa or work permit.

How to Avail of Travel Tax and Terminal Fee Exemption

Present any of the following proofs of overseas employment (both original and photocopy) to the MIAA desk and the airline counter:

  • Valid work visa or work permit
  • Valid employment contract
  • Current employment certificate
  • Company ID
  • Latest payslip

Video: OWWA Balik Manggagawa Program

Here’s a short video to assist OFWs to understand what they need to do when applying for an OEC using the BM Online website. You may learn more about the procedure and how to make the most of this document by following the advice of people who have already applied and utilized it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified as a ‘Balik-Manggagawa’ under the POEA?

Those who are considered as Balik-Manggagawa as per the POEA are the following:

  • Worker on leave – this refers to anyone who’s on vacation or on leave from employment, with a valid and existing contract and will return to the same employer, regardless of a change in job site, to complete the remaining terms of their contract.
  • Rehire – this refers to someone who has been rehired by the same employer after completing their latest contract. They shall be working for the same employer, regardless of a change in job site, under a new contract.
  • POLO registered worker – this refers to a returning worker whose contract was not processed by the POEA but has been registered and verified with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) in their jobsite, and is returning to the same employer, either as a worker on leave or rehire, with or without a change in job site. Same employer/principal refers to a person identified as the employer in the employment contract previously processed by the POEA or registered at the POLO in the job site.

How long will my OEC be valid for?

The Balik Manggagawa OEC is only valid for six (6) months.

What should I do if I lost my Balik Manggagawa OEC?

In case you lose your OEC, you can reprint this document via your BM online account. However, in case you cannot retrieve this document through your BM online account, you can file an Affidavit of Loss via the POEA to request for a reissuance of your OEC, which you can use as an exit clearance. If you lose your OEC, you automatically do not qualify for an OEC exemption and will have to pay travel tax and terminal fees at the airport.

I haven’t used my Balik-Manggagawa OEC until it expired, what should I do?

Unfortunately, you can no longer use an expired OEC for travel or work purposes. Instead, you will need to pay a replacement fee of Php 100 after you submit the old one at the Labor Assistance Center (LAC).

I’m supposed to get an OEC exemption. Instead, I was redirected to the appointment page. What happened?

The reason for this could be any of the following:

  • Sea-based workers who changed position to Landbased Worker
  • Undocumented workers (i.e., Tourist to OFW, Dependent on OFW, Student to OFW, etc.)
  • Watchlisted worker and/or OFW with a watchlisted employer
  • Workers without POEA records / No record found / Discrepancy in any record
  • BM workers returning to a different employer and/or Jobsite
  • OFWs returning to a restricted or non-compliant country

Final Thoughts

You can get an OEC exemption through the BM Online System without going to the POEA office. This saves you time and the hassle of lining up at the office. That being said, all OFWs must take advantage of this service. This will not only save you some expenses but also ensure a smooth transition from the Philippines back to your workplace overseas and vice versa.

[Important Update] As of this writing, the BM Online website will soon be retired and will transition to another website: You can process your OEC application using this website moving forward.

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Contact Information

Address: Blas F. Ople Building

Ortigas Avenue corner EDSA

Mandaluyong City

Contact Number/s: 8-722-11-44 / 8-722-11-55


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