Mulu National Park

There are many caves and underground attractions in Malaysia. One of them is Gunung Mulu National Park. It is situated in Malaysian Borneo near Miri, Sarawak. It is already proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park was named after the second highest mountain in Sarawak which is the Mount Mulu. The park is a popular destination if you want to explore the caves and the rainforest. There are explorers who also have exhibition in Mulu National Park. The Royal Geographical Society Expedition of 1977-1978, with 100 scientists, stayed for 15 months there. Due to this, there are over 20 exhibitions now thus, the creation of Mulu Caves Project.

Mulu Caves is one of the most spectacular caves in the world. There are 4 caves in Mulu National Park. Hence, there are many outdoor adventures just right for you.

1. Treks and Trails

There are many trails in the Mulu National Park. You can choose from any of what you want. In the pinnacle, the beautiful and unique scenery will greet your eyes as the wonderful formations of the limestone features await you. The surrounding landscape will take up around 40 to 50 meters in height. The Mulu’s Pinnacles have formed into razor sharp spikes that shoot up surrounding the forest. Seek out 12 species of bats in Deer Cave. Go and have your Bats Exodus in the place. You can also camp out in Camp1 with the forest as your home while getting in touch with nature. Get your legs and shoes ready for some adventure. It’ll all be worth it!

2. Adventure Caving

Explore each of the 4 caves that are the best of the world. You don’t need to climb up to the Lagang Cave, which is an ideal trip for family or group. This gorgeous cave is equipped with many stalagmites, stalactites and cave sediments. It will take you 6 to 8 hours to complete your quest in Clearwater Connection. This is the cave where you can swim across the underground river and the rugged terrain with boulders will require you to climb.

3. Showcaves

Since there are 4 known caves in the Mulu National Park, there are various recreational activities offered in this destination. These are Deer and Lang Caves, where you can walk along the Rainfall Discovery Walk while you can see the forest and hear the gushing rivers to the entrance of the world’s largest cave. You can also cruise up in a longboat and make your way to the Cave of the Winds and Clearwater Cave. Walk up a 500 meter distance, ride a boat and climb up the steps leading you to the entrance of the cave that will bring you the underground adventure.

4. Canopy

The world’s longest tree is right here in Mulu Skywalk where an open canopy walk will help you unwind and relax. This is 20 meters above the forest floor and 480 -meter walkway. You will surely enjoy and have a time of your life with the lush tree tops and the river as your views. The nearby limestone cliffs can also be seen.

You can book your tour guide and each adventure has varied price which you can avail. Check out their website for more information regarding Mulu National Park.

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